Frequent challenges and ways of dealing with them in production line installations

Over the years, we have faced many challenges during machine installations. Our decades of experience help us to solve them quickly and efficiently. We think about potential problems as early as the job is being surveyed and agreed, so that we can start as prepared as possible and complete our work successfully, on time.

The purchase, operation and maintenance of machinery and equipment is not a simple task, but if not installed professionally, the resulting failures can be costly and serious. Over the years we have heard of many companies that regret some of their past decisions and wish they could turn back the clock. They didn’t choose the experienced team at GyörökGép to install the machine they purchased! In most manufacturing processes, a perfect installation can help solve a number of downstream challenges, from reducing waste to minimising safety risks and environmental impact, to increasing productivity and efficiency. A perfect installation sounds great, but in practice it is often difficult to achieve.

Why is professional machine installation so important?

That’s because there are so many things to consider when installing a machine, from leveling the machine, to making the correct electrical connections, to installing moving parts correctly. They are all interrelated and interconnected and cannot work effectively without each other in order to make the machine or equipment productive. If a detail is not properly attended to by a team of professionals, serious damage can result from this seemingly minor oversight.

What kind of issues does GyörökGép face when installing machines?

One of the most common problems is that parts of the machine do not arrive on the installation schedule, or are not delivered in the right order. The consequence is that work is stalled, which can mean delays of several weeks and has a serious cost implication. Unfortunately, the machinery or equipment does not always arrive as expected, and the packaging may be different. If the specialists at GyörökGép have rectified these problems, they are sometimes faced with the problem that parts cannot be installed correctly or that the machine manufacturer simply forgot to include them with the delivery. These can also be serious disruptions which need to be followed up with a consultation. But it also happens that the manufacturer does not include a specification with the machine, but this is a problem that GyörökGép’s specialists can quickly and efficiently overcome.

What other challenges are facing the professionals at GyörökGép?

Sometimes, despite prior arrangements, the company that ordered the machine installation does not have the necessary equipment on site. Rarely, but sometimes, tools are not supplied in accordance with the metric system, what is available is too large or too small, or the socket may not be horizontal. In industrial plants, accurate leveling is essential to maintain operational accuracy. These challenges are also taken on with ease by GyörökGép’s team of experienced and skilled technicians. After all, they arrive at the machine installation site with a certain basic tool kit so that, in principle, everything is at their disposal. Since each machine installation is different, after the job is completed, the difficulties of the job and how it was solved are evaluated with the management. Building on this experience, they are prepared for the challenges of unpacking, installation and commissioning. Of course, the good communication skills of GyörökGép’s colleagues also greatly help to ensure a flexible installation, so that any problems that arise can be solved smoothly. For example, in the event of a shortage of parts, delivery and arrival can be quickly agreed with the manufacturer. These details show that Györökgép is flexible and professional in dealing with unexpected situations. That is why it is very important that the details are discussed in great detail before the machine installation starts.

Safety comes first when installing a machine!

Of course, the employees of GyörökGép comply with the safety regulations to the maximum, but machine installation also generates a number of safety challenges, as in many cases improvisation is required. During the test run, our colleagues take into account that the machines and equipment meet the basic safety and health requirements. The aim is always to ensure that, when a machine installation is completed, the risk of accidents is eliminated throughout the machine’s lifetime. In this context, not only the intended use is taken into account, but also the foreseeable consequences of misuse.

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