WBFC – 19 Litres balloon washer, – filling equipment

Györök Ltd. will present its self-developed 19-litre balloon bottling machine, which washes, rinses, fills and caps the balloons containing healthy water in a semi-automatic system.

Györök Ltd. presents its own developed 19 litre balloon bottling machine, which washes, rinses, fills and caps balloons containing healthy water in a semi-automatic system. Thanks to many years of experience in the food industry, including the beverage bottling industry at Györök Ltd, a well engineered, modern and practical balloon filling machine has been produced. The operation of a balloon water filling plant is a complex process that requires a high level of attention, with numerous hygiene and food safety regulations to be observed. Our equipment complies with all necessary specifications and standards.

The advantages of the WBFC balloon water filling system from Györök Ltd.


  • The balloon water filling unit developed by the GyörökGép division of Györök Ltd. is easy to install and requires little space.
  • Our compact equipment has 3 units, 2 of which perform the washing and rinsing functions, and one which performs the filling and capping functions.
  • The tasks within each sub-unit can be started by pressing a button.
  • When filling, a predetermined amount of liquid is filled into the balloon.
  • Made of stainless steel, it is easy to clean.
  • Our balloon bottling system can be easily integrated into existing water networks and integrated into existing operations.
  • And because of its compact system, it simplifies previous workflows.
  • It is reliable, easy to use and allows you to complete the entire balloon water bottling process.

Why choose the balloon bottling equipment of Györök Ltd?


Our company has been designing and manufacturing food processing machinery for several decades, and we offer a 1-year warranty on our products, and we also provide maintenance and servicing. The balloon bottling machine is a semi-automatic equipment that guarantees trouble-free operation in the long term. The machine is made of high quality stainless steel, a special alloy that is resistant to acids, rust and corrosion, ensuring maximum hygiene and durability. If you want to cover the full production spectrum of bottled drinking water, this is also possible. Györök Ltd. manufactures both pneumatic and manual sparkling water dispensers for sparkling water producers, fully meeting the bottling needs of a manufacturing sparkling water company.

Györök Ltd. also uses the WBFC and the pneumatic sparkling water dispenser in its own sparkling water business


Our own purified water, Hermina Water®, offers a no-compromise, affordable solution for those who care about healthy water consumption. How is Hermina Water ® made? Drinking water supplied by the Budapest Waterworks is prepared for bottling through a multi-stage filtration process that includes mechanical filtration, activated carbon filtration, and UV degermination. The water is of course bottled using modern WBFC – balloon washing and bottling equipment developed by the Györök Machine Branch of Györök Ltd.

Györök Ltd.’s water bottling machine will make your water bottling business more efficient!

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