Smaller projects are also important! Repair and maintenance of machines and machinery lines

For us, machine maintenance and repair is also a priority, as we know the difficulties that a sudden breakdown and loss of production can cause our customers.

Industrial equipment, machinery and machinery lines are operating under powerful forces. This energy has an impact on the industrial equipment in which the processes take place. In addition, there are many environmental impacts to consider. If maintenance is not carried out, the production process is likely to be interrupted, with high economic and safety risks. The purpose of machine maintenance is to minimise these risks, increase the continuity of the technology and avoid failures.

GyörökGép undertakes the regular maintenance of industrial machinery under a general contract

In order to guarantee the constant safety of its employees and the continuous fulfilment of its orders, the company operating the machines must carry out maintenance work and regularly inspect the machines. GyörökGép undertakes regular maintenance and repair of machines and industrial equipment within the framework of quarterly, half-yearly or annual framework contracts, which includes steps to delay the wear and tear of the machine or machinery as much as possible. 

What are these?

  • Cleaning the technical units thoroughly: removing dirt or metal shavings, for example
  • Greasing of working tools: greasing/oiling of moving parts with suitable lubricants
  • Adjustment/tightening of screws: for example, adjusting the timing belt or possibly recalibrating the bearings
  • Replacing worn parts: setting up/resizing parts to be replaced, replacing seals, etc.
  • Maintenance processes are kept up to date with transparent documented data

GyörökGép staff will take care of everything, from maintenance and breakdowns to full support for individual machines.

GyörökGép’s mobile maintenance team will identify the problem on the spot and if the right part is not available or cannot be ordered, it will be designed and made to size in their factory. For older machines, if the technical drawing is not available, it is not a problem for the technicians.

Why GyörökGép is the right choice?

With more than 30 years of experience, GyörökGép’s skilled technicians ensure that contracted partners’ machines and industrial equipment are protected against potential machine breakdowns and production shutdowns. With their support, maintenance can be planned in advance so that the company is not caught unawares and a trouble-free production process is guaranteed. In the event of an unexpected failure, GyörökGép staff will quickly and efficiently identify the source of the fault and repair it. For us, maintenance involves five basic actions: inspection, maintenance, carrying out minor repairs on site, identifying weak points in the equipment and, if necessary, remanufacturing parts.

Machine installation? Relocation? Maintenance? Repairs? Contact our professional team!

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